One Network Consulting Network Operating Centre (NOC)

One Network’s world class services cover the essentials of technology support as your Managed Security Service Partner, providing a state of the art, fully secured Network Operation Centre.

Ensuring security while supporting innovative strategies that help meet your business goal, One Network Consulting has a solution for all your objectives.

The primary jobs that our NOC will carry out are:

  • Network monitoring
  • Incident response
  • Communications management
  • Reportingmanaged-services2

Running 24X7, the NOC will ensure that your networks work and deliver at optimum efficiency, without any issues that may create a business outage. Analysing problems, often foreseeing issues, and troubleshooting as far as possible, the Centre will inform the concerned stakeholders of all events, making sure that no issues can become a challenge to the business processes.

As your MSSP (Managed Security Service Partner), we offer a systematic approach to managing your security devices, applications and ultimately, your enterprise security needs.

Our services as a managed security partner include

  • Monitoring, maintaining and Managing your network firewall, overseeing patch management and upgrades
  • Network level or individual host level intrusion detection management, updating existing systems to enable latest defences against intrusion.
  • In case of an intrusion, the security support partner will also provide an emergency response and forensic analysis

Our timely security assessments and audits help prevent security threats pro-actively and sometimes also preempt a threat, remedying before it becomes a challenge to the business process or data.

As your Managed Security services partner, One Network would offer:

On-site customized consulting solutions for:managed-services

  •  Assessment of business risks,
  • Key business requirements for security
  • Development of security policies and processes.
  • Comprehensive security architecture assessments
  • Security solutions design as well as product integration
  • On-site incident response and forensics.

Managed security monitoring

  • Regular monitoring and interpretation of important system events
  • Identifying and remedying unauthorized behavior, hacking and DDOS attacks

Compliance monitoring

  • Ensuring government compliance requirements , maintaining event logs
  • Monitoring for change management in case of rogue administrator or unauthorized users

One Network as MSSP for SME

SMBs or SMEs are becoming increasingly aware of the business need for outsourcing critical security services. The biggest reasons that are creating this need are:

  • IT security is fast becoming a very complex and dynamic field, requiring skills and expertise not available to smaller enterprises.
  • Compliance for digital safety and security rules for financial data, personal information, and enterprise IP information is becoming increasingly complex as well.
  • Experts in these fields are often a high cost resource and in a SME, budget limitations hold back this activity.

Paucity of expertise, budgetary limitations in the face of complex compliance requirements and even more complicated new emerging threats- constantly – has created a new, specialized category of MSSP for SMEs. One Network is proud to offer services in this area.

One Network’s as MSSP for SMEs helps small and medium size enterprises to address all the above issues – in one go. We offer comprehensive, customized IT security services with remote delivery capabilities at highly affordable prices, specially customized packages to suit the smaller and tighter budgets as well.

One Network Cloud Storage Backup Solution

The Cloud has changed the way enterprises operate, function and strategise. Growing with cloud is the way forward to meet all your business objectives. As a storage solution, the cloud provides the best business support that an enterprise today needs- low cost, secure, robust and of course, highly scalable. We provide solutions to move your data to the cloud with minimal re-configuration or process redundancy.managed-services1

One Network consulting provides cloud solutions that help in:

  • Cloud storage acceleration : so you can reduce your IT costs by utilizing public and private cloud storage as well as its backup infrastructure.
  • Increasing application performance,bandwidth, and data protection while enabling efficient yet simple disaster recovery strategies
  • Utilise the scalability and agility of cloud technologies to help augment your data protection strategy, working on a reliable way to expand your space.
  • Bring to you a fast, secure, and cost-efficient way to create backup storage in the cloud, cutting costs by a huge margin
  • The pay as you go model also ensures cost optimisation. With this dual efficiency of scalability and on demand growth, the solution assures a giant leap from Capex to Opex, which works in the favour of the CIO’s IT budget realisation.
  • In our solution, once storage is initiated from the hard device to the cloud, Data integration can be done very efficiently, mounted as a CIFS or NFS target to the media server. At the backend they write directly to cloud storage via REST/HTTP/SOAP APIs. This is done without any rip-and-replace of existing backup systems, and with minimal configuration changes.
  • The 256-bit AES at rest, and with SSL v3 in-flight across the network that we offer with the solution, creates a dual layer of security that minimizes the risk of data threats.
  • The cloud offers the dual benefits or scalability and on-demand growth, which means that storage architects no longer need to pre-provision storage requirements that could be inefficient and require capital expenditure upfront. The shift from capital to operational expenditure means that CIOs are able use their IT budgets more efficiently and devote CapEx savings to other strategic initiatives.