Solar Solutions
Solar energy has an infinite potential. We aim at utilizing this resource and help our clients in producing clean energy. By innovation and developing green technologies we want to promote use of solar energy and reduce carbon footprints. Our vision is to provide low cost PV modules and develop large solar energy producing fields. How Solar Panels produces electricity? There are essentially five steps in the process of solar energy production, beginning when sunlight hits your panels and c...

Free Wi-Fi Demo

Ask for demo. Best Wi-fi Solution for home, hotels, Schools, Society, Residency etc.... For free demo call on 9722537772 or Put your detail on or mail us at or post on our facebook page Offer valid till 1 June 20016 Thank You.


We believe that website is not something just to have the URL on your business card. Its how the customers feel what your company is. How good your brand is. We just don't stop after providing a best quality website but also manage it and provide added services which will help you make business out of your website. • Domain Registration • Web Hosting • Web Design and Developmen


Why Linux? Cost -- Linux is free,and that includes all the apps. For most people, let's be honest, illegally copied software is very common. But are you really confident that you won't ever have trouble for that? Not so sure, software makers are progressing and finding more and more ways to track down illegal owners. If you run Linux and install free software, you won't have to worry about this ever again! You can find a free replacement for most of the commercial software out there. » Lin...


Security Solutions is today a leading provider of integrated electronic security systems in the Indian marketplace bringing in the Global Expertise. From turnkey system installations to partner-supported implementations, Security Solutions provides flexible solutions in today's ever-changing Electronic Security Systems market. With Security Solutions user achieve, lower project and life cycle costs, value-added one-stop shopping, increased organizational efficiencies, and the best solutions pos...


Economies of scale have led your growing business to a computer network. Employee efficiency, productivity and customer support are benefits you receive from storing files in a centralized location and sharing hardware. ATCS Services will help you with implementation, maintenance and Security of your network. • Network Design • Network Implementation • Network Maintenances • Network Security configuration. VPN Solutions What is a VPN? Virtual Private Networking (VPN) uses cryptography t...


LINUX SOLUTION Less bugs for less bucks! • Welcome to the Future! • Accept no limits. • Free software for free people. NETWORK SOLUTION • Network Design • Network Implementation • Network Maintenances and Security configuration. SECURITY SOLUTION • Access Control • Fire Alarm Systems (FAS) • Burglar Alarm • CCTV system WIRELESS SOLUTIONS • Long range Wi-Fi. • Many users can be connect • Any types of structure can be covered in Wi-Fi hotspot. ...