Solar SolutionsSolar energy has an infinite potential. We aim at utilizing this resource and help our clients in producing clean energy. By innovation and developing green technologies we want to promote use of solar energy and reduce carbon footprints. Our vision is to provide low cost PV modules and develop large solar energy producing fields.

How Solar Panels produces electricity?

There are essentially five steps in the process of solar energy production, beginning when sunlight hits your panels and culminating with feeding excess energy back to the grid. First, your solar panels collect particles of light, called photons, which knock electrons free from their atom hosts. This process is how direct current energy flow is generated.

As previously mentioned, our homes and businesses are powered with AC, rather than DC, electricity. The energy flow generated by your solar panel’s cells is sent to the inverter, which converts DC into usable alternating current (AC) electricity. This is step two.

The next step involves your electric utility meter, which is typically located on your home’s exterior. After measuring the energy drawn by your system, it feeds the excess back to the power grid. If you feed more energy than you utilize on cloudy days or during the night, you may receive money back from the energy company.

So now that you know the answer to the question of, “how does solar energy work,” your next step to energy independence is to get in touch with a trusted solar energy company in your area to discuss installation.

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