Welcome to Shali Info Systems

We are a leading IT support provider specializing in managed services and IT support in south Gujarat. Whether your business wishes to fully outsource its IT support requirements or complement its in-house resources, we provide a cost-effective solution tailored to meet your needs.

Working in close partnership with your business our dedicated team of IT professionals will help you to exploit new technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase your overall productivity.

Our products are Hardware, Network devices, wireless network devices and many more.


As Wi-Fi devices and applications proliferate dramatically , need to provide a wireless connectivity extends from just indoors to outdoors. By taking vast advantages lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster deployment. Outdoor Wi-Fi has one of the most cost effective alternative to easily extends network coverage whatever a wireless linkage require for work for provisioning service or simple for an easier life style.

That said delivers native Ethernet LAN connections solution base on solid, proven outdoor Wi-Fi technology to augment an existing IP network.

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