Network Architecture

Network Architecture is an organization’s vehicle to meet the challenges of evolving service demands and IT inter-dependence. ANS Network Architecture service assists organizations through the use of the traditional four layer methodology in network planning and design. This approach qualifies the service, the operator, and provides a full spectrum solution. During the business planning layer, ANS architectural engineers will determine what solution will perform as required throughout its intended lifecycle. Our application will identify service forecasts, economic impact and technical capabilities for the short-term, medium and long-term network planning layers. From this, we provide pointed details on topological design, network-synthesis and network realization. ANS accepts an organization’s need for network survivability through implementation of traffic engineering, failover and redundancy in architectural designs. The final layer, Operations and Maintenance (O&M), obligates a large burden on organizational resources. ANS is sensitive and responsive to this throughout the planning and design phases. Our answer to this is resiliency through automation of alternatives and activities.