Hotspot system solution:

 As Internet usage continues to become more mobile, customers have an increasing expectation for wireless Internet access at public  locations, such as in coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, convention centers or airport terminals.

Whether you are thinking of running a hotspot for free or for a fee, you will need a hotspot management system to maintain quality of service for your customers, eliminate free-riders, and keep your network secure. ATCS has developed an all-in-one hotspot solution to instantly turn your venue into a managed, branded and moneymaking hotspot.

Capabilities & Advantages
• Easy Account Generation and Ticket Printing
• Complete Network Security
• Seamless Secure Mobility
• Hotspot Branding
• Zero Configuration for Visitors
• Role-based Access Control and Traffic Management
• Monitoring and Reporting

Use of Hotspot System
• Public location
• Coffee shops
• Restaurants
• Hotel
• Convention centers
• Airport

Wi-Fi Campus :

The challenges of WLAN deployment increase significantly for most educational institutions when they have tight budgets and busy IT staffs for making the transition from wired to wireless. The 4ipnet Wireless Campus Solution – WLAN Controllers operating in conjunction with Access Points enables pervasive indoor and outdoor wireless coverage and gives flexible, expandable, controllable and manageable Secure Access Services for the entire campus. It allows all types of authenticated users to connect to campus network or internet resources at chosen times and places. 4ipnet’s solution creates a variety of teaching opportunities in a dynamic “Any Time, Any Place Learning” environment.

Roaming over distributed campuses with central account and policy management.

Flexible, scalable and cost-effective to meet school’s budget plan for a quick startup.

 Indoor Wireless Solution

 Can you imagine not having your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop? These days business goes on wherever you are and all the time.  Wireless indoor LAN (WLAN) or enterprise wireless networks (also known as private indoor networks) are the means achieving data,  voice, video and other IP uses throughout the business place, residence, retail or public indoor space.

Once inside the building though, often there are obstacles to overcome as the ability to provide specific access to broadband changes with different applications and environments. Indoor radio frequency (RF) signals are impacted and changed by walls, obstacles, other RF devices, and a number of both visible and invisible factors. Solutions for these impediments can be found and good solutions installed with the right equipment choices including the correct mix for the situation of: WLAN access points (the RF to IP radio used indoor, routers, antennas, controllers, enclosures, cabling and premises wiring, and power options.

The team at atcs specializes in designing and implementation of high speed indoor wireless network from single access point to multiple site placements- despite the complexity and size of the organization.

Site Analysis:

We begin with a thorough understanding of the client requirements and environment. Onsite-surveys are done to anticipate the coverage and locations for Wireless access points.

Design High Density & Speed Wireless Solutions:

Once the complete site analysis is over, our team begins with the implementation of high performing wireless solutions that can provide high speed connectivity for users.

Voice, Video & Data:

Our domain experts boast of their ability to deploy multiple advanced applications on wireless networks.

Why Indoor Wi-Fi?

MOBILITY (travel, roam in network)
SIMPLICITY (easy to deploy then cable network)
FEXIBILITY (suitable many environments. Heritage buildings
COST SAVINGS (lower cost against cable network)
ACCESSIBILITY (it easier to be connected when travelling interstate and overseas)
SMARTS. (Once you experience Wireless LAN, it’s unlikely you’ll want to use cables again.)


• Long range Wi-Fi.
• Many users can be connect at a time
• Any types of structure can be covered in Wi-Fi hotspot.
• Easy to use.
• Less maintenance
• One time investment and
• Long time benefits

 Outdoor Wireless Solution

 No need to pay expensive leased line charges between buildings, or put up with the slow speeds associated with leased lines. Receive  blistering speeds with minimal operating costs and ensure that your network is not the slowest link in your companies performance!

Deployment of an outdoor wireless network requires an even greater specialised skillset due to the unique volatile nature of the outdoor environment. With years of experience in deploying outdoor wireless networks, uniquely makes us one of the only ATCS capable of a successful deployment with 99.999% availability.

ATCS offers outdoor Wi-Fi solutions utilizing wireless equipments which operate in the unlicensed-exempt bands at 2.4 GHz and 5GHz and conform to IEEE802.11 /b/g/a/n industrial standards. Its provides diverse deployment option to cost effectively deploy high speed securely deliver wireless connections in open areas.

 Point To Point Wireless
 Point To Multi Point Wireless

Point to Point Wireless

Point to point wireless network links connect two locations together through line of sight (LOS), operating in unlicensed/licensed radio frequencies or through free space optics with speeds available between 100mbps to 10Gbps.

Typical Applications:
• Connecting two or more buildings together
• Requiring blistering performance from 100mbps to 10Gbps full duplex
• Connections offering 99.999% availability
• Operating in line of sight situations
• Fast lead times or temporary installations
• Faster and cheaper leased line or fiber replacement

 Point to Multi Wireless

 ATCS installs only the leading edge wireless point to multi point bridging solutions on the market today. Wireless Point to multi Point  networks are perfect for the following situations.

• Connecting multiple buildings together
• Video Surveillance and CCTV Networks
• High-Speed local or wide area corporate networks
• Leased line or fiber replacement

If you would like more information about a Wireless Point to Multipoint Point Network please give us a call or use the contact us page.


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